June 22, 2021

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Why Isn’t This The Solution to COVID Rather Than The Vaccine? Or at Least a Joint Solution?

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In a world suffering from a pandemic, shouldn’t we look into every viable option as we have see with the mass distribution of an experimental vaccine.

If so, then it begs the question, “Why have this 20 year old technology that’s been used by millions of people and have received FDA clearance for medical use and has a proven track record to reduce swine flu, MERS, black mold, staph, etc. in the air and on surfaces, why hasn’t this been used widely to combat the SAR-CoV2 (novel CCP coronavirus)?

This mystery is baffling as we’re forcing lockdowns, masks, mandatory vaccines, etc., but we not using a technology that’s safe and effective. https://thriveredux.com/reopen

CEO open letter to Biden about reopening America. https://thriveredux.com/biden-reopen-letter